10-inch ceramic planter with hardwood stand

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Tired of low quality, oddly-shaped planters that are incompatible with standard size nursery pots? Us too! Revival Ceramic planters are designed to fit grow pots, so you don’t need to repot plants directly into them. Keeping plants in their nursery pots gives the flexibility you need to move plants around easily, while allowing your plants the drainage they need to thrive.

Ceramic Planters

  • High fired using traditional manufacturing methods
  • Premium quality clay
  • Hand finished waterproof matte glaze
  • No drainage holes, so your floor stays clean and there's no need for saucers
  • Come in four beautiful color to match your plant decor
  • Conveniently sized to accommodate most 10-inch and 2 and 3 gallon nursery pots

Wooden Stands

  • Handmade for fair wages
  • Furniture grade wood
  • Sustainably sourced: reclaimed wood or plantation grown
  • Sturdy and reversible, so planter can sit at two different heights
  • Finished with natural oils free of volatile organic compounds


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